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Choosing The Right Colours for Your Wardrobe

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (6)
Choosing the Right Colours for Your Wardrobe
Every season designers introduce new colours in their new clothing lines.  It is easy to be tempted to try some new colours for the new season.
Don’t do it unless these  are right for you, because the truth is, not all colours look good on everyone.
With every item choose for  your wardrobe, be sure the colour will be right  with your skin type and hair colour so that you will always look your best.
Seek Professional Guidance
The best way to be sure what colours are right  for you (and to be confident every time you get dressed)  is to have your colours professionally assessed by a certified colour consultant or  image professional. They will give you a colour palette that you can take shopping with you to match against new pieces that you may be considering adding to your wardrobe.
Until then here are a few tips and tricks to use when choosing your clothing colours:
Dispel Myths
There are some myths that just need to be tossed out the window. A good example is the common assumption that redheads should stay away from anything pink or red. The truth is that, depending on the strength of the red in the hair,  it is quite possible for these people to wear clothing with red in them.
Take a another look at any "colour myths" that you have heard and dare to buck them if you feel that you really feel good in them.  A good guide is to take note of the times you are told you great you look whilst wearing them!
Take time to Test
Take a selection of colours both warm and cool, light and dark, and stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit room, with natural light and hold each one up.  Place it around half your face, chin and one side, to get an accurate idea. You´ll find that some colours tend to make you look pale or yellowish or otherwise not as nice.  These are the colours you should NOT be using in your wardrobe.
The colours that make your cheeks glow,eyes sparkle and that go with your hair are the ones that should definitely be included.
Ask one or two honest friends to help you out if you're not sure.
Note Your Skin Tone
Everyone has an underlying skin tone. Some people have red or pink undertones, while others have yellow or blue.  This will have a major bearing on what colours look good on you.   Often, if you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, the underlying colour will be revealed for a few seconds.  In general, people with blue or rosy undertones look best in winter colours like brown, white, navy blue and pastel colours. 
Pink or blue undertones with pale skin goes best with cool summer tones like lavender, pink, blue, etc.
Those with golden undertones do well with warm autumn colours; earth tones, beiges and olives are all a good fit for this skin type. People  who look good with spring colours like peach, bright blues and reds tend to have skin with light golden undertones.
There are occasions where people wear clothes that aren't in their "colour season" i.e. they can be a bright winter who also looks good in some of the bright spring colours. 
For more information on how to accurately assess  all your best colours,  check out our downloadable Style Guide,
on our Downloadble Products Page
Use Buffer Colours
When you have a colour that you like, but it does not particularly go with your skin tone, you can use a buffer colour. Let´s say you see a lovely black shirt that you like,but it washes you out and makes you look pale. Try picking one with a collar or add a scarf in a colour that does look good on you to buffer the black from your skin.
This can work with two pieces of clothing, as well. Put the colour you love (that does not look good on you) on the bottom and a shirt that flatters you on top . . . the shirt acts as a buffer between your skin and the unflattering colour 
Finally -

Knowing which colours look best on you is only the beginning. Now you need to make sure that your wardrobe is made up of these colours.
Go through your wardrobe and sell,  give away or donate everything that is in a colour that doesn´t work for you and replace them with the correct colours.
You´ll be amazed at how much more flattering your outfits will be  - and how many more compliments you will receive!
To find out more, check out our guide to
Wearing Colour with Confidence  (Part of the Bottle What You've Got Programme)