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Cindy's Blog- Living a LIfe of Style and Substance


What people were wearing on the streets of Surrey in August

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (7)
Here are a some more Stylish,  REAL people, out and about in Richmond, giving us a few style tips of their own!
(Click on the photos to enlarge the image)
Colin Francis -  Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin Francis - Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin, who works in Danieli Men's Boutique in Richmond, manages to create a uniquely stylish look by giving traditional garments a modern twist.

Colin's Style Tips: Combine conventional with trendy eg a velvet blazer with jeans, quirky shoes and a pocket handkerchief or expensive with cheaper items for an individual look
Rebecca Grimaldy-Style:Riviera Chic
Rebecca's clothes have a stylish, "French Riviera" feel with the brightly coloured tunic and jeans combined with stylish accessories.

Rebecca's Style Tips:
Dress in the right clothes for your body shape and wear Colours that suit you -she looks great in brights.
Short dresses can look good at any age if combined with leggings or opaque tights and long boots in winter.
Rebecca Grimaldy-Style:Riviera Chic
Diana Waterman -Style: Casual Chic
Diana Waterman -Style: Casual Chic
Diana combines a floaty, feminine blouse with casual, fitted trousers for a stylish, laid-back summer look.

Diana's Style Tips:
Don't just follow fashion blindly- be an individual eg combine vintage with new. Think "style" not "fashion"
Gabby Abraham -Style: Office Chic
Gabby's office outfit looks both professional and feminine - it perfectly emphasises her lovely hourglass figure!

Gabby's Style Tips:
Know your figure shape. Don't just buy something because it looked good on someone else-make sure it suits your, colouring shape and personality.
Move out of your comfort zone and try something different like stripes or patterns if you don't usually wear them.
Gabby Abraham -Style: Office Chic
Photoraphs by Angela Melling:

Real people - Real style

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (7)
"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others"
Orson Welles

What people are wearing on the streets of Surrey in May:

Everyone's style should reflect who they are and it's great to see how REAL people adapt trends to suit their own style personalites.
Every month we'll be on the lookout for people on the streets of Surrey  who have a stylish look of their own. 
Here are a few of those real people, out and about in Guildford, giving us a few style tips of their own!
Will it be you next month?? Watch this space...

Mhairi McEwan
Mhairi McEwan
Oufit:Ted Baker
Shoes: River Island
Mhairi's Style tips:
Dress to suit your body shape and stay true to your style be it classic or bohemian.
Ian Huges
Ian Huges
Outfit: From T.M. Lewins -apart from Jacket which was a charity shop find!
Ian's Style Tips: Combine old & new for an individual look. Ian is particulary partial to the 60s Mod style
Pheobe Irving
Pheobe Irving
Dress: Jack Wills
Vintage Cardigan.
Pheobe's Style Tips: Combine high st with vintage and clothes from small boutiques. This, combined with lots of layers, gives her the girly, shabby chic look she loves.
Nicollette Milborrow
Nicollette Milborrow
Outfit from Scarlets Boutique, Weybridge
Nicollette's Style Tips: Wear the right colours for your skin tone to avoid looking washed out! -for her, it's bright, strong colours.
Don't overdo the jewellery. If in doubt, take some off - less is more if you want to look classically stylish!