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How to be the woman that men can't resist

Posted on August 9, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (403)
I have something really important to share with you today.

My friend, Relationship Expert, Mirabelle Summers showed me this incredible video that shows you how to BE the woman that men can't resist...

...And how to use this secret to become a love magnet.

Don't miss this!

If you've ever wished that men would stop pushing you away...

If you've ever been confused by men's seeming unexplained behavior...

If you've ever wished to connect with a man at a level where he wants to open up to you...

If you've ever lacked confidence in attracting and keeping your ideal man...

Then make sure you watch this right away:

The number 1 secret to making him love you -
This secret is going to change everything about the way you experience love.

By knowing how to reach past his defenses and touch his heart
deeply, he's going to see you as different to every girl he has ever known...

And make him plead for you to be his forever.

Check this out:

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The Virtual Hair Stylist

Posted on May 31, 2013 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (2)
Thinking about changing your hair style or colour but not sure if it would suit you?
Now you can use this brilliant FREE Virtual Hair Stylist  to see how you would look before you take the plunge!
You can simply pick face shape that is similar to yours or upload a photo of yourself for a more accurate picture.
Full instructions can be found on the UK Hairdressers site:
Check out the video below to see how it all works.
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Choosing The Right Colours for Your Wardrobe

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (6)
Choosing the Right Colours for Your Wardrobe
Every season designers introduce new colours in their new clothing lines.  It is easy to be tempted to try some new colours for the new season.
Don’t do it unless these  are right for you, because the truth is, not all colours look good on everyone.
With every item choose for  your wardrobe, be sure the colour will be right  with your skin type and hair colour so that you will always look your best.
Seek Professional Guidance
The best way to be sure what colours are right  for you (and to be confident every time you get dressed)  is to have your colours professionally assessed by a certified colour consultant or  image professional. They will give you a colour palette that you can take shopping with you to match against new pieces that you may be considering adding to your wardrobe.
Until then here are a few tips and tricks to use when choosing your clothing colours:
Dispel Myths
There are some myths that just need to be tossed out the window. A good example is the common assumption that redheads should stay away from anything pink or red. The truth is that, depending on the strength of the red in the hair,  it is quite possible for these people to wear clothing with red in them.
Take a another look at any "colour myths" that you have heard and dare to buck them if you feel that you really feel good in them.  A good guide is to take note of the times you are told you great you look whilst wearing them!
Take time to Test
Take a selection of colours both warm and cool, light and dark, and stand in front of the mirror in a well-lit room, with natural light and hold each one up.  Place it around half your face, chin and one side, to get an accurate idea. You´ll find that some colours tend to make you look pale or yellowish or otherwise not as nice.  These are the colours you should NOT be using in your wardrobe.
The colours that make your cheeks glow,eyes sparkle and that go with your hair are the ones that should definitely be included.
Ask one or two honest friends to help you out if you're not sure.
Note Your Skin Tone
Everyone has an underlying skin tone. Some people have red or pink undertones, while others have yellow or blue.  This will have a major bearing on what colours look good on you.   Often, if you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, the underlying colour will be revealed for a few seconds.  In general, people with blue or rosy undertones look best in winter colours like brown, white, navy blue and pastel colours. 
Pink or blue undertones with pale skin goes best with cool summer tones like lavender, pink, blue, etc.
Those with golden undertones do well with warm autumn colours; earth tones, beiges and olives are all a good fit for this skin type. People  who look good with spring colours like peach, bright blues and reds tend to have skin with light golden undertones.
There are occasions where people wear clothes that aren't in their "colour season" i.e. they can be a bright winter who also looks good in some of the bright spring colours. 
For more information on how to accurately assess  all your best colours,  check out our downloadable Style Guide,
on our Downloadble Products Page
Use Buffer Colours
When you have a colour that you like, but it does not particularly go with your skin tone, you can use a buffer colour. Let´s say you see a lovely black shirt that you like,but it washes you out and makes you look pale. Try picking one with a collar or add a scarf in a colour that does look good on you to buffer the black from your skin.
This can work with two pieces of clothing, as well. Put the colour you love (that does not look good on you) on the bottom and a shirt that flatters you on top . . . the shirt acts as a buffer between your skin and the unflattering colour 
Finally -

Knowing which colours look best on you is only the beginning. Now you need to make sure that your wardrobe is made up of these colours.
Go through your wardrobe and sell,  give away or donate everything that is in a colour that doesn´t work for you and replace them with the correct colours.
You´ll be amazed at how much more flattering your outfits will be  - and how many more compliments you will receive!
To find out more, check out our guide to
Wearing Colour with Confidence  (Part of the Bottle What You've Got Programme)
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Some great packing tips for stress free holidays

Posted on May 4, 2013 at 11:22 AM Comments comments (104)
Want some great packing tips for stress free holidays?

" Yes Please!! "

Budget airlines are brilliant but the small baggage allowances can be challenging when it comes to deciding what to take with you for a 2 week break!

Having just come back from a break in Cyprus myself, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on packing the perfect summer wardrobe into a small suitcase

For many people, what to pack to look good and feel relaxed whilst travelling is a huge dilemma so they end up trying to cram in everything but the kitchen sink - ”just in case"    

In the end, they often find themselves wearing a fraction of what they take  or - worst case scenario - they may also find themselves paying a hefty penalty for having exceeded their baggage allowance!

In our FREE packing guide you will find tips for packing to look great while you travel whilst staying well within your baggage allowance.

Check it out here:

Now chill out and have a wonderful break!

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On-line Style Guides for Men and Women

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 9:16 AM Comments comments (3)
Wearing the best clothes for your body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle can positively and dramatically change your appearance.  Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see!  You will feel great knowing that you look your best which, in turn, will lead to increased self confidence and better self esteem.  Be prepared for a lots of compliments from others too!
Many people believe that using a Personal Stylist would be very expensive but knowing how to choose the best clothes for your shape, colouring, lifestyle and budget, could save you a lot of money in the long run.  This is why Style and Substance has come up with a range of On-line Style Guides
Learn how to:
  • Dress for your VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL Body Shape
  • De-Clutter and Re-organise your Wardrobe
  • Wear Colour with Confidence
  • Shop with Confidence
All these products are available at a fraction of the price of a one-to-one session with a Style Coach.  We want our service to be available and affordable to as many people as possible - it needn't cost a fortune to look a million dollars - in fact, you will need from just £10.95 to get started!
Check the out our Style Guides here
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Christmas and New Year Pary Dresses

Posted on September 16, 2012 at 3:23 PM Comments comments (109)
Yes I know it's only September but i'm already being asked for advise on Christmas and New Year party wear so I thought I'd find a few dresses that combine sexiness, style and affordability (yes it is possible to have all three!)

This dress is stunning yet comfortable - the empire line means that you can actually eat in it! The bust area is gathered and padded so it would suit a ladies with a small to medium bust plus it's not too short - it stops at a point that is flattering on most people.
Available in 4 colours it's a great buy at the price.

Watch this space for more recommendations coming soon!
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What people were wearing on the streets of Surrey in August

Posted on September 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (7)
Here are a some more Stylish,  REAL people, out and about in Richmond, giving us a few style tips of their own!
(Click on the photos to enlarge the image)
Colin Francis -  Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin Francis - Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin, who works in Danieli Men's Boutique in Richmond, manages to create a uniquely stylish look by giving traditional garments a modern twist.

Colin's Style Tips: Combine conventional with trendy eg a velvet blazer with jeans, quirky shoes and a pocket handkerchief or expensive with cheaper items for an individual look
Rebecca Grimaldy-Style:Riviera Chic
Rebecca's clothes have a stylish, "French Riviera" feel with the brightly coloured tunic and jeans combined with stylish accessories.

Rebecca's Style Tips:
Dress in the right clothes for your body shape and wear Colours that suit you -she looks great in brights.
Short dresses can look good at any age if combined with leggings or opaque tights and long boots in winter.
Rebecca Grimaldy-Style:Riviera Chic
Diana Waterman -Style: Casual Chic
Diana Waterman -Style: Casual Chic
Diana combines a floaty, feminine blouse with casual, fitted trousers for a stylish, laid-back summer look.

Diana's Style Tips:
Don't just follow fashion blindly- be an individual eg combine vintage with new. Think "style" not "fashion"
Gabby Abraham -Style: Office Chic
Gabby's office outfit looks both professional and feminine - it perfectly emphasises her lovely hourglass figure!

Gabby's Style Tips:
Know your figure shape. Don't just buy something because it looked good on someone else-make sure it suits your, colouring shape and personality.
Move out of your comfort zone and try something different like stripes or patterns if you don't usually wear them.
Gabby Abraham -Style: Office Chic
Photoraphs by Angela Melling:
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Women's Guide to Dressing for Business Meetings and Presentations

Posted on July 22, 2012 at 12:14 PM Comments comments (7)
If you run your small business from home, and do most of your business by phone or online, you can get away with wearing what you like a lot of the time. After all, how would anyone know whether you are wearing your best suit or your favourite pyjamas whilst speaking with them on the phone?
There will probably be times, though, when you’re meeting with clients, potential business partners or sponsors, that you will need to consider your dress as carefully as would if you were attending a job interview.
Does appearance matter?
Several studies have shown that appearance is as important as knowledge or skills when it comes to getting the job,the business or the faith of your client.
Laura Sinberg of says “Although job-related skills and experience rank high in importance in whether or not you land the position, during the initial hiring process they have less power than most of us think. That's because the first thing we notice about someone is their appearance, and more specifically, the way they are dressed.
So if, as the saying goes, first impressions are lasting impressions, let’s get it right first time as there may not be a next time!
Consider your client or company
If you are meeting somebody in one of the more conservative businesses, such as banking or law, then more traditional business wear would be appropriate. This might be a smart fitted black or navy jacket with matching skirt or trousers, a simple blouse, toning shoes and smart bag or briefcase.
In a less formal environment, such as advertising, PR or media, something trendier but still smart, would go down well. Think about the same jacket over a dress with contrasting bag and shoes and perhaps some subtle jewellery.
In some, say, creative environments, even jeans would be considered acceptable but if in doubt, it is always best to err on the side of caution by sticking to smart clothes in subtle colours.
Think about colour psychology
Certain colours have particular effects on the way people perceive you.  Be aware of the messages you are sending out when you wear them!
This is the colour most associated with authority and power and is a safe “corporate” colour that goes down well in most interviews or meetings, particularly in the most formal environments. Black from head to toe can look a little severe so break it up with contrasting or toning accessories.
Again, this is a smart, traditional and safe colour for business meetings, but be careful as it stains easily and obviously.  Imagine trying to concentrate on what someone is trying to say when you can’t help but focus on the black mark on their collar!
Considered an extreme colour, red symbolises confidence, passion, sexiness, assertion and confrontation, so is probably best only worn in small amounts in the form of accessories.
Brown. Although it is seen as a solid, reliable colour, brown commands less authority than black or navy in a business environment.
Blue. Navy is considered as “corporate” as black, whilst surveys show that  lighter shades of blue symbolise loyalty and trustworthiness, making it one of the best colours to wear for an interview or business meeting.
Keep accessories simple and subtle
As with stains on clothing, it is difficult for the people you are talking with to concentrate on what you have to say or offer if they are focusing on your chunky diamante necklace!
You can’t go wrong if you choose subtle, conservative jewellery, classic handbags and shoes with heels you can walk around in all day.  Needless to say, you should avoid “bling” at all times. 
The exception to the above would be if you were promoting your jewellery and accessory business or if you were trying to get work with a rap band, when a bit of bling would be quite appropriate.
Dress modestly
Showing your cleavage, midriff or too much leg will send out the wrong messages in a business environment and may prevent you from being taken seriously.  Save looking sexy for another time and place. You can still look feminine and attractive but you must aim to do this in an elegant and classy way.
Here are some ways you can achieve this:
  • Moderate heels  in fashionable but ladylike styles
  • Fitted jackets that emphasise the waist
  • Stylish blouses, shaped to fit and emphasise your feminine shape without showing your cleavage and preferably, without frills and flounces
  • Figure skimming, rather than skin tight, dresses with no fussy details
  • Black or natural hosiery (no patterns) or if in summer and in one of the less formal businesses, bare legs with a not-too-short dress may be appropriate
  • Classic, feminine watches – and always wear a watch in a business meeting as it conveys punctuality
  • Always be well groomed. Wear some make-up as it looks like you’ve made an effort but keep it subtle and natural.  Save your dark red lips for a night out.
  • Keep nails manicured (no chipped nail polish!) and hair should be neat, not overly styled and not covering too much of the face.
What message do you want to send out?
As the first thing we notice about people is the way they present themselves, you must consider:
  • How you want to be perceived as a person, employee or colleague?
  • What service or product you are selling or promoting?
Use the information you now have to ensure you dress in a way that conveys your personal message in the right way.  
Obviously, you will want to show how your product, service and experience can benefit them as clients or partners and this will be much easier if you have already gained their attention for the right reasons ie because you look the part.
Yes, Looking good is only half the picture but it’s a great place to start!
To get your FREE guide to setting up and running your own small business, fill in the request form on our home page here:
Copyright ©2012 Cindy Forbes

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What to Wear to Royal Ascot

Posted on June 8, 2012 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (8)

If you're attending  the  Royal Ascot Races,   (Tuesday 19 – Saturday 23 June 2012)  you will want to know what you can and can't wear as the rules seem to change every year!   
The dress codes have been tightened this season, banning fascinator head wear and noting that all attendees wear hats instead. As well as this ladies have been asked to wear skirts and dresses of “modest lengths” falling just above the knee or longer.

For men attending Ascot 2012 it has also been noted that they adhere to tasteful morning attire which includes compulsory waistcoat and tie, while cravats have also been banned. 

For your complete guide to what to wear if you are in the Royal Enclosure, the Grandstand or the Silver Ring, check this out now:  What to Wear to Royal Ascot

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Real people - Real style

Posted on May 22, 2012 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (7)
"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others"
Orson Welles

What people are wearing on the streets of Surrey in May:

Everyone's style should reflect who they are and it's great to see how REAL people adapt trends to suit their own style personalites.
Every month we'll be on the lookout for people on the streets of Surrey  who have a stylish look of their own. 
Here are a few of those real people, out and about in Guildford, giving us a few style tips of their own!
Will it be you next month?? Watch this space...

Mhairi McEwan
Mhairi McEwan
Oufit:Ted Baker
Shoes: River Island
Mhairi's Style tips:
Dress to suit your body shape and stay true to your style be it classic or bohemian.
Ian Huges
Ian Huges
Outfit: From T.M. Lewins -apart from Jacket which was a charity shop find!
Ian's Style Tips: Combine old & new for an individual look. Ian is particulary partial to the 60s Mod style
Pheobe Irving
Pheobe Irving
Dress: Jack Wills
Vintage Cardigan.
Pheobe's Style Tips: Combine high st with vintage and clothes from small boutiques. This, combined with lots of layers, gives her the girly, shabby chic look she loves.
Nicollette Milborrow
Nicollette Milborrow
Outfit from Scarlets Boutique, Weybridge
Nicollette's Style Tips: Wear the right colours for your skin tone to avoid looking washed out! -for her, it's bright, strong colours.
Don't overdo the jewellery. If in doubt, take some off - less is more if you want to look classically stylish!
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